Veterinary eCards

Not only is non-compliance an issue, but within the average practice 30 - 40 percent of pets aren’t even scheduled to receive a product or service reminder within the next year! The challenge is communication. eCardConnect is the answer.

The use of eCards in a veterinary practice falls under 5 categories:

Appointment Reminder
An eCard is sent three days prior to the scheduled appointment. The client can confirm or reschedule directly from the card, dramatically reducing no-shows. Sample

Compliance / Appointment Scheduling
An eCard is sent as soon as treatment need is assessed. The client can schedule the appointment directly from the card, increasing the customer response rate. If the client does not respond, the card is automatically sent again, up to three times.

Informational / Promotional
eCards allow the doctor the opportunity to become more actively involved with his or her clients as a trusted advisor. They can be used as an urgent advisory - such as during the pet food crisis- or simply an FYI regarding new treatments and programs.

Relationship Building
Pet birthday cards, holiday cards, seasonal cards and also “We Miss You” - encouraging pets/clients who do not currently have reminder records to resume services.

Referral / Thank You
After treatment is complete, an eCard is sent to the client thanking them for allowing you to be a part of their pet’s healthcare and asking them to forward the card to a friend.

There are over 200 eCards covering every Veterinary eventuality. Don't see the card you want? We can even customize cards for your specific needs! Give us a call.

See additional Veterinarian eCards in the eCard Sample Gallery.

It's Easy!

How easy is it to send an eCard?

Log in to your account at

Click on the name of the client to receive the eCard.

Choose the card you want to send. Customize it in any way you want.

Hit send.

That's it!

If you don't have your client email addresses, go to FAQs and see how we make getting addresses EASY!